Letter 10/6/20

Letter 10/6/20 Return to School. Following the statement issued by the Welsh Government’s Education Minister last week, further guidance on how to implement ‘Return to school’ was released today.We are working closely with other schools in the catchment area, and … Read More

Letter 5/6/20

Letter 5/6/20 Dear Parents/Carers, “Check in, Catch Up, Prepare for Summer and September”. On Wednesday afternoon, 03/06/2020, the Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, published details of the next phase for schools in Wales, providing an opportunity for your child to “Check … Read More

Nursery (Mrs Evans)

Nursery (Mrs Evans) Dyma ychydig o wefannau ac apiau defnyddiol. Cofiwch hefyd am y pecyn gwaith sydd wedi dod adref gyda eich plentyn.(Cysylltwch a’r ysgol os nad ydych wedi ei dderbyn eisoes).Here are some useful links and apps. Please don’t … Read More

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